The IRO Committees have an important role as adviser to the IRO Board.

Besides that, participation in the IRO Committees enables member companies operating with a specific sector to exchange experience and expertise and to gather information. Organising promotional activities, lobbying and joint promotion are important points of interest of the committees.

International relations & communications

This committee advises the board on communication towards the members and other organisations. Means of communication are evaluated and new means introduced.

The committee discusses about the upcoming markets and areas where IRO can arrange a Holland Pavilion during exhibitions or trade missions to bring local operators in contact with IRO member companies. 

Export is very important for IRO members: 70% of the € 10 billion turnover of the Dutch supply industry is export related. This is a good reason for IRO to support its members in international business and in that working closely together with 3rd party associations like NWEA, IADC, CEDA, NMT/NML and FME. IRO focuses on activities such as compiling market reports, seminars and trade missions, having Holland pavilions at exhibitions, etc..  The International relations & communications committee advises on IRO export activities.

Chairman: Arjan Klijnsoon (Royal IHC)

Coordinator: Marloes Kraaijeveld (IRO)  

Oil & gas

The Netherlands is the largest natural gas producer in the European Union. A strategic position for the country thanks to our infrastructure for production, transport, storage and transit of natural gas. 

The world of oil and gas production is changing and will continue to do so. In the transition towards a low-CO2 energy supply, the share of conventional fuels such as natural gas will decrease due to the growth of renewable sources. By 2050 it is expected that the Dutch natural gas reserves will largely be exhausted. The Dutch oil and gas industry is working hard to make this new reality their own. A reality in which natural gas is no longer the natural best choice, but is used only where it contributes to CO2 reduction and where it does not get in the way of the development of renewable energy. 

In this committee the members will be informed and discuss about the new developments in the gas industry, both domestically and abroad, such as CCS, green gas, decommissioning & re-use, energy efficiency, hydrogen / energy storage etc..

Chairman: René Peters (TNO)

Coordinator: Tjerk Suurenbroek (IRO) 



Sustainability & safety

The offshore energy industry has a clear responsibility towards CO2 reduction and safety. Therefore this committee focuses on themes such as corporate responsibility, circular economy and safety.

Building on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), a good and honest CR policy will attract new business partners and young capital and will help build our industry of tomorrow.

Involvement of young professionals is key in IRO's mission to contribute to a sustainable industry. Young IRO was founded in October 2017 and aims at securing their sustainable future with the new generation in our offshore energy industry.

The Sustainability & safety committee is also involved in improving safety in the oil and gas industry. The exchange of information between training providers and discussions with NOGEPA, OPITO and GWO about amendments to the safety training portfolio are important focus areas of the Sustainability & safety Committee.

Chairman: Michael Kahn (Jumbo)

Coordinator: Tjerk Suurenbroek (IRO) 



Innovation & technology 

The Dutch offshore energy supply industry is a leader in its field, renowned for its gas technology and offshore wind expertise. Innovation is key to remain at the forefront of new developments and new business models.

It is an important task for the Innovation & technology committee to encourage and stimulate IRO members to strategically invest in innovative technology and participate in innovation programmes set by IRO in cooperation with other parties such as TNO, NML, KIVI, TKI WoZ, YES!Delft, Buccaneer and InnovationQuarter.

Subjects like digitalization, cyber risk management and cross-sector collaboration are key elements that will be addressed in this committee.

Chairman: Mark Heijne, Fugro

Coordinator: Tjerk Suurenbroek (IRO) 



All around the world countries are in transition, working to ensure that their energy supplies come from cleaner, more sustainable sources. In the Netherlands we a.o. discovered the enormous potential of offshore wind energy and have created a solid domestic offshore wind market.

The key to success? A complete, integrated approach. Dutch public and private parties teamed up to design, develop, build and maintain top-quality wind farms. Together they proved wind to be a powerful solution.  

Wind & Water Works is an initiative of branch organizations NWEA, HHWE, IRO, TKI-WoZ, TenneT, NMT, the companies Siemens, Van Oord, Boskalis and SIF and the Ministries of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy, Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

IRO members play an important role in the value chain of offshore wind implementation and make use of the experience and technology developed in the offshore oil and gas industry. Focus will also be on other renewable sources,  like wave and tidal energy.

Chairman: Jan Willem van der Graaf

Coordinator: Tjerk Suurenbroek (IRO)