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Industry Electrification and Power Demand in Future Energy Systems

Hosted by Shell and TenneT, the event will provide an exciting program filled with practical examples from industry, presentations, panels, audience discussions and interviews on stage, all focused on the theme of this event: (Em)powering industry.

Without a doubt, future energy systems will increasingly depend on renewable power supply, making the constantly changing availability of wind and solar an important challenge. At the same time, electrification will be a key element in the decarbonization of industry itself. The Electrification Road Map (Routekaart Elektrificatie) gives an indication of the potential industrial power demand by 2030 and 2050 and offers a pathway for the electrification of the industry.

Future energy systems will have to cope with periods of excess or shortage of power supply, as generation of renewable energy is volatile. Storage of energy, e.g. in batteries, compressed air energy, heat or in (green) hydrogen will provide part of the solution. Other solutions derive from the use of synthetic fuels (E-fuels), and balancing supply and demand, e.g. with demand side response. In this, industry can have a significant role, especially after the projected electrification of industrial processes.

Let’s explore how we can join forces, learn from projects already in practice and create solutions for our future energy systems: which stakeholders are important, which policies will be needed, how can we collaborate local and cross border, what innovation is needed, how does this relate to energy systems developments in other countries, what barriers do we need to overcome and what do we need to do now? Connect to Act!


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