Introduction training offshore safety

Delft Offshore Safety Course

This course is organised in cooperation with the DOB-Academy.

This course will not only train participants to apply practical safety measures correctly, they will also experience their expected safety behaviour and learn how to deal with it.

Special rate for IRO members: € 445,00 excl. VAT (instead of € 495,00).

Course Content

Safety is undeniable important, but do we act accordingly? This course will not only hand participants tools to assess safety from well-known safety theories and methodologies, but will train them in executing the pertinent actions correctly while creating awareness about the importance of behaviour at the same time. To accomplish this, each participant will work with their own safety profile, which will be created after filling out a questionnaire. In lectures general safety aspects and different safety theories will explained. These will be accompanied by hands-on cases where familiar situations and objects will be used to effectively put the gained theoretical knowledge into practice. During these practical cases, participants will experience their expected safety behaviour in various situations and will learn how to deal with both the positive and negative aspects. These behavioural aspects will be applied to both offshore occupations and daily life. This course will not remove any paper-based actions, but will train participants in performing them correctly, allowing them to greatly improve the safety of their work.

Target Audience

Introduction offshore safety is a one-day course aimed at the offshore industry, but with a broadly applicable content regarding safety at work.

Learning Objectives

  • Comprehending the basic principles of safety
  • Learning to apply practical safety measures
  • Gaining insight into the effect of human behaviour on safety
  • Dealing with individual expected safety behaviour
  • Getting a lasting proactive stance regarding safety


In the morning, the basics of safety as well as the philosophy behind safety will be explained. Two important safety theories, the Bow Tie Theory and the Hazard Identification Theory, will be elaborated upon in theory as well as in a practical cases. In the afternoon, we will broadly discuss Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Theory in the afternoon, after which we continue with a more behavioural approach to safety. The day will come to a close with an exam.


Special rate for IRO members: € 445,00 excl. VAT (instead of € 495,00).


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