Young IRO: Working together in a perfect storm

STC-KNRM, Rotterdam Young IRO

We are excited to invite you to a very special event in collaboration with STC-KNRM – Offshore Safety training provider. After months of social isolation and working from home we are now (let’s hope) heading to the end of the storm and that’s why Young IRO sees an opportunity to organize the first live event of this year, of course within safe boundaries.

This event will take place at the training institute of STC-KNRM in the harbour of Rotterdam. We will combine action and knowledge to make sure you are ready to face the end of this storm together! Twan van Tilburg from STC-KNRM will prepare a workshop in line with the topic; ‘Welfare, a pre-condition for working together’. After this, we will take a dive in the indoor training pool, where a introduction training will be given by STC KNRM instructors regarding ‘Surviving at sea’. We will close the event with food and drinks to talk about our experiences and more.

Workshop ‘Welfare, a pre-condition for working together’
The philosophy of managing welfare or well-being is a condition for safety to manage what goes well. Not a bad thought if you realize that in 98% of the cases, the systems just work and in 2% of the cases they do not. Hence/Therefore, it seems more effective to focus on the things that are going well! But how can you manage what is going well in this dynamic maritime & offshore world we work in?

Training ‘Survival at sea’
After an instruction, participants can enter the training pool to learn survival techniques at sea in which the group needs to work together. Of course this will be on a voluntarily base, where we do encourage everybody to try to actively participate. In the indoor swimming pool several weather conditions can be simulated such as waves, wind, rain and lightning. A realistic experience in a controlled environment!

Bear in mind, spots are limited and reserved for Young IRO members only.