Oil & Gas

Chairman: René Peters (TNO)
Coordinator: Tjerk Suurenbroek (IRO)

The Netherlands is the largest natural gas producer in the European Union. A strategic position for the country thanks to our infrastructure for production, transport, storage and transit of natural gas.

The world of oil and gas production is changing and will continue to do so. In the transition towards a low-CO2 energy supply, the share of conventional fuels such as natural gas will decrease due to the growth of renewable sources. By 2050 it is expected that the Dutch natural gas reserves will largely be exhausted. The Dutch oil and gas industry is working hard to make this new reality their own. A reality in which natural gas is no longer the natural best choice, but is used only where it contributes to CO2 reduction and where it does not get in the way of the development of renewable energy.

In this committee the members will be informed and discuss about the new developments in the gas industry, both domestically and abroad, such as CCS, green gas, decommissioning & re-use, energy efficiency, hydrogen / energy storage etc.