The Dutch oil and gas supply industry belongs to the top of the world. The Dutch supply industry is famous with regard to offshore and gas technology.

But also in the field of geophysics, logistics and maintenance the Dutch supply industry excels. The Dutch maritime industrial history, the continuous struggle against the sea, the facts that the Netherlands is the home base of Shell and is a mayor onshore and offshore gas producer, has contributed to this.

However other oil and gas countries are investing enormous amounts of money in developing oil and gas technology to develop their oil and gas technology. In order to stay ahead of the competition IRO encourages its members to invest in innovative technology.

The following innovation technology programmes are available for IRO members:

  • IRO Innovation Seminar
    Every other year IRO organizes an innovation seminar. The last one was on 3 December 2015 at ESA/ESTEC in Noordwijk.

  • NML Innovation Council (IC)
    The NML Innovation Council of the Dutch Maritime Network (Nederland Maritiem Land) is a network that is especially interesting for the offshore oil and gas supply industry. IRO is an active participant in the NML Innovation Council.

  • Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF)
    ITF is a not for profit organisation owned and supported by mayor operating and service companies in the United Kingdom. It supports the oil and gas industry through the development and application of innovative new technologies. A few times a year ITF announces calls for proposals to the international technology development community. Dutch companies are welcome to participate.

For more information on innovation please contact Tjerk Suurenbroek at or Phone: +31 79 3411981.