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Acta Marine Offshore Services

  • Transport and Logistics Services
K.P. van der Mandelelaan 34
3062 MB Rotterdam
The Netherlands
T:  +31 88 320984

Acta Marine is owner and operator of over fifty different coastal and offshore support vessels. We support clients in the construction and dredging industry, the offshore oil & gas market and increasingly in the offshore renewables and aquaculture markets. Our vessels operate primarily in Europe, the Middle East, the Caspian Sea and Africa.

Acta Marine has extensive experience operating in coastal and shallow waters with a large fleet of DP multicats, tugs and support vessels, and is expanding its activities in offshore wind farm construction and operational support with DP2 walk to work and crew transfer vessels. Based on our solid track record and diverse marine experience, we are committed to offer our clients the best and most effective solutions.

Our company was established in 1970 and today we own over fifty different vessels, which are used for projects of a large variety of clients. The main focus is on shallow water projects, although most of the vessels can also be used in deepsea waters. Acta Marine specializes in cable burial and cable or pipeline remedial burial projects in coastal and shallow waters, and is the innovator of the DP Multicats. These specialties enable us to offer the best and most effective solutions to our clients in the Dredging & Marine Construction, Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind industry.

Acta Marine started out as a family-owned business. Our focus is on long-lasting relationships with clients and long-term continuity of our services. We therefore continuously invest in the relationships with clients, the maintenance of the fleet, and training of personnel. We truly believe our employees are the key our success; they are crucial for our reputation as a professional and reliable maritime service provider.

Acta Marine was founded over forty years ago. Years of knowledge and experience are now used to further develop our maritime services. This is how Acta Marine is able to maintain its position as a worldwide market leader for coastal and shallow waters.

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