Avient Protective Materials

Avient Protective Materials

Dyneema® in offshore industries

Avient Protective Materials (formerly DSM Dyneema) is the manufacturer of Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber(tm). Offshore ropes and lines made with Dyneema® polyethylene fiber have a proven track record in the oil and gas industry, offering a unique combination of extreme strength, light weight and narrow diameter necessary for towing arrays, rig mooring, deep-sea operations and offshore positioning. In an increasing number of projects Dyneema® is replacing conventional steel-wire and synthetic ropes where high strength and low weight/mass are important.

As the world’s demand for energy intensifies, and exploration, drilling, pipe laying and extraction move farther offshore and into deeper, more-challenging environments, it is crucial to have lines and ropes that not only can withstand additional stresses but also are easy to transport and maneuver. For scenarios such as ultra-deep moorings, lines made from conventional steel wire and other synthetics become too heavy or bulky and difficult to handle. Because Dyneema® fiber is so much stronger than steel, lines of similar diameter and strength weigh only one-seventh as much as steel wire. Compared to other synthetics like polyester, Dyneema® fiber offers much narrower diameters at the same strength.

Light and thin ropes and lines made from Dyneema® fiber enable fast and easy handling. For example, installation for pre-set MODU mooring systems with lines made of Dyneema® is up to 40% faster than with polyester ropes. For moorings down to 10;000 feet, reduced diameter means three times more rope can be rolled onto reels, saving trips. Lines made with Dyneema® enable faster hoisting than steel lines, using the same winch. And because this fiber floats, ropes are neutrally buoyant and easy for ROV or divers to handle under water.

Other important benefits of Dyneema are lower system cost, higher productivity and reduced impact on workers and machinery. For example, although there is higher upfront investment in a MODU mooring system made with Dyneema® fiber, it will be offset by reduced operational costs within one to three years. Savings come from faster installation, hook-up and decommissioning, and use of smaller buoys and smaller handling vessels. In fact, Dyneema® SK78 is the only high-modulus polyethylene fiber approved by Bureau Veritas and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for MODU mooring systems.

For workers, lightweight and smooth lines accelerate job completion and significantly reduce back strain as well as wounds from steel wire “fishhooks.” Dyneema® fiber also helps protect boats and equipment through reduced abrasion.

Ropes with Dyneema® outperform traditional ropes in terms of tension and bending fatigue. They have minimal elongation for greater precision in placement of equipment or pipes. The fiber is resistant to most chemicals, has good UV resistance, is not affected by salt and does not absorb water. Offshore applications for Dyneema® fiber include mooring ropes, turret pull-in ropes, stinger ropes, anchor retrieval lines and riser tensioning ropes.

Avient Protective Materials values its cooperation and partnerships with leading rope manufacturers and continuously works towards improvements and application developments for the marine industry, including offshore, fishing, aquaculture, lifting, salvage, mooring and towing. To support this endeavor the company has its own well-equipped testing facilities and is constantly collaborating with institutes, customers and end users.