Azimuth Marine

Azimuth Marine

FlexTrack, the new innovative flexible tensioner

Azimuth Marine B.V. is the official European distributor of a new and patent pending modular tensioner system called FlexTrack.

In the market today, it is only possible to buy tensioners with a pulling capacity of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 tons.  The new FlexTrack system offers the advantage of adjustable pulling force by assembling FlexTrack units as needed.

The user friendly and innovative design makes flexible positioning along the product route possible, reducing the need for working space, and creating a compact and clear working environment for the operator.

The compact size and low weight makes fast shipment possible, getting the required pulling force at the various projects. The units can be moved by forklift and up to seven units will fit in a 20’container.  Still the FlexTrack is a powerful machine with a maximum pulling force of two tons each.

Everything is prepared for ‘plug and play’ – it is both easy and fast to set up and configure FlexTrack units. The units can work in a master/slave setup or as stand alone. They can be used in a linear or curved configuration.

FlexTrack tensioner system in action during the discharge of CLV “NKT VICTORIA.”


FlexTrack during test in Denmark June 2016.