Our mission at Diversey is to protect and care for people in their daily challenges. Pioneer and facilitator for life since 1923, the company constantly deliver revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies that give total confidence to our customers across our global sectors. We offer an innovative concept for sustainable cleaning and hygiene all over the world.

Diversey`s complete solutions combine chemistry, dosing and dispensing, packaging and processes to optimize results while protecting crew and reducing waste, water and energy consumption.

We strive to help transform industry by serving you and your stakeholders with the most sustainable solutions currently available in the hygiene market place.

Nowadays our sector is aware of the detrimental impact of business activities on the environment and the pressing need to provide sustainable solution. Therefore, Diversey is strongly involved in reduction of package waste up to 90%. We not only use recycled materials for packaging but we also deliver higher volumes of cleaning solution, reduce storage space up to 70% and plastic waste up to 95%.

The spearhead of our commitment to sustainability is SURE, plant-based, 100% biodegradable product assortment for cleaning solutions. Designed to deliver superior results while ensuring safety of professionals for people. With environmental friendly ingredients from renewable resources, our SURE products meet all your daily requirements for kitchens, facilities and personal care. They are directly derived from by-products of the agro-food industry, originating from sugar beet, maize, straw bran, wheat bran and coconut.