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Fugro GeoServices BV

  • Seismic & Hydrographic Surveys
  • Research & Development Activities
  • Engineering and Consultancy Services
Veurse Achterweg 10
2264 SG Leidschendam
The Netherlands
T:  +31 70 3111333

Fugro GeoServices B.V. is a leading provider of geo-data, geo-information and geo-consultancy services in the Netherlands. Through our local network, we combine advanced technology and the latest expertise to tackle geo-related issues in the Infrastructure, Construction, Industrial, Water and Energy sectors.

In addition to our knowledge of geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology and hydraulic engineering, geodesy, geomonitoring, geophysics and sustainability, we also provide access to various other technologies and specialists through the Fugro Group’s global network. This enables us to continually offer new and innovative solutions while also being able to support internationally active clients virtually anywhere in the world.

For the Oil and Gas as well as for Offshore orientated activities, Fugro has developed SITE-SPOT. On many industrial sites multiple sources of 2D and 3D information co-exist and are often used for engineering and maintenance purposes. We believe in the value of up-to-date 3D digital asset information and one Single Point Of Truth  (SPOT) for your geo-database. With SITE-SPOT, we present a solution towards keeping the 3D digital asset information up-to-date by offering three services: 3D measurement service, Data management service  and web service. (for more info, click here)

Read more about our capabilities for Offshore Wind here

Watch the SITE-SPOT videoclip below or click here 





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