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Hollandia Offshore BV

  • Fabrication, Construction & Modification Activities
  • Materials and Equipment Suppliers/Manufacturers
Schaardijk 23
2921 LG Krimpen aan den IJssel
P.O. Box 12
2920 AA Krimpen aan den IJssel
The Netherlands
T:  +31 (0)180 540540
F:  +31 (0)180 519956

A new world of steel

The most complex and advanced steel constructions in the world are located at sea. The immense economical interests in the offshore industry require extremely reliable installations. High quality materials and specialized welding techniques are necessary to be able to build ever-lasting constructions that continue be safe under any circumstances. 

For generations these are the challenges that inspire us to exceed ourselves. Hollandia Offshore BV regards the highest quality levels as standard. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and experience we are able to push the boundaries in offshore steel construction. We possess the best possible technology and production facilities, strategically located with an open water connection to the ocean.

We build vast and complex offshore installations, at the same time we can relieve our clients by taking responsibility for the total process. Starting with the initial design, followed by an extensive test phase and finally putting the finished product into operation.



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