Ingenieursbureau Coenradie

Ingenieursbureau Coenradie

Engineering Consultancy Coenradie has a clear focus: to provide world-class surveying solutions for the offshore, (petro)chemical and construction industries.

Working all around the world, our highly experienced surveyors undertake every type of technical survey (metrology) – particularly in the fields of steel construction, ship building/repair, machinery/equipment manufacture, marine surveying and surveys for the process industry.

Whatever the project, the equipment we use is top class and include: Leica industrial total stations, Leica laser scanners, Faro laser trackers, FARO (scan)arms and Fixturlaser alignment lasers as well as Leica GNSS/GPS. We also offer specialist proprietary surveying software which ensures value for money while guaranteeing the highest levels of quality for every project.

In fact, our commitment to quality is total, reflected in our professional approach to every aspect of our business. It is our priority in everything we do and ISO9001 certification was simply a natural consequence of this approach. Because the quality is in our genes.

So, when there’s no room for compromise, make no mistake: choose Coenradie for truly world-class surveying solutions.
• metrology of piping, structural equipment, etc.
• laser scanning
• alignment services
• reverse engineering