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  • Engineering and Consultancy Services
Sluisplein 42
1975 AG, IJmuiden
The Netherlands
T:  +31 255 545070
F:  +31 255 545080


OSD-IMT for ship design, consultancy and conversions
OSD-IMT is an integrated design company with solid engineering capacity and a strong independent presence in all the key markets. OSD-IMT has the skills, capacity and ideas to tackle innovative projects and it can bring independence to the table. When operators want a design aimed specifically at meeting their needs, rather than a ready-made equipment package adapted to their tender, then they will come to OSD-IMT.
OSD-IMT’s strategy is to build on its reputation and expertise designing good, solid, practical and cost-effective offshore support vessels and tugs. At the same time OSD-IMT offers innovative designs in other markets which require an environmentally friendly and high technology approach but with simple, pragmatic solutions.

The OSD-IMT signature brand name is the IMT 900 series. It is the well-known brand name for offshore support vessel designs. OSD-IMT is also a tug design specialist, and has been making the headlines with the innovative Azistern tug series with a fuel saving hull design. Combining ease of construction with efficient hull forms provides a platform for different propulsion and power choices to deliver the most flexible, fuel-efficient and cleanest tugs for any proposed tasks.

Ship conversion, refitting and upgrade projects are also keeping OSD-IMT busy. This is an area in which OSD-IMT has had considerable experience and expertise over the last 25 years.

Independence and innovation are the unique selling points for OSD-IMT, and it has the global resources and the track record to back them up.

OSD-IMT consists of design teams in the head office in IJmuiden, the Netherlands, UK and Singapore.

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