Presserv is the leading specialist in preservation and corrosion protection within energy, renewables and shipping industry globally. Ever since the establishment, the company has developed unique solutions to take care of the customers’ assets. Together with our partners we offer standardized as well as customized solutions for an optimal protection.

Presserv has its headquarters in Norway, with subsidiaries in Australia, Benelux, Brazil, Scotland and USA.

“Do more of what matters most” – At Presserv we work to preserve and protect your assets, prolonging the useful life of existing steel structures and pipes. We believe that we can contribute to protecting people and planet, by using the corrosion protection products that significantly reduce negative impact on the environment.

Presserv has since the establishment worked closely with Cortec. Cortec is a world leader in R&D and manufacturing of vapor corrosion inhibitors.
Together, the companies have developed new solutions, products and methods for preservation and corrosion protection. Presserv is defined by Cortec as a main partner for preservation in Europe.
Through Presserv expertise and Cortec R&D, we offer a complete corrosion control system.

VpCI Technology
Vapor phase inhibitor stops corrosion by generating protective molecules having an affinity to metal. When metal contact condenses VpCI molecules to form a water repellent monomolecular layer on the metal surface.
VpCI Corrosion Inhibitors offers solutions for many types of equipment and industries, o.a.
• Electrical & Instrumentation
• Coatings
• Packaging
• Hydraulic and oil-filled systems
• Voids / interiors
• Water treatment
• Process up-and downstream
• Metal Processing
• “Green” Corrosion Inhibitors