SeaZip Offshore Service

SeaZip Offshore Service

SeaZip Offshore Service provides sophisticated service vessels and excellent ship management for fast and safe transfer of personnel and cargo to offshore sites.

We use the specific requirements of our customers regarding transport capacity, comfort and performance levels as benchmarks for developing our service vessels in cooperation with leading builders such as Damen Shipyards. Our strong position in ship design, ship building and ship management offers our customers the opportunity to promptly react to the latest market developments. We take into account the specific needs that large numbers of offshore projectsat ever increasing distances from the coast will generate. Risk-based ship design guarantees maximum safety, even in difficult (weather) conditions.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

SeaZip is committed to ensuring excellence in Health, Safety, Security and Environmental performance for all our employees, clients and other parties. Meeting this commitment is a company objective and the individual and collective responsibility of all our employees. SeaZip operates within the shipping business in its own culture. Employees working for the company are committed to it. Where we treat each other with respect. Have an open and friendly attitude to colleagues, clients and other parties involved, regardless nationality, rank, sea or shore based. Key words in our culture are good communication, clear expectations, give constructive feedback and we work as a team, and try to recognizes others perception which results in an excellence performance.

SeaZip service vessels are designed and built for:

  •   Fast transport of personnel, tools and equipment
  •   Logistics for the offshore wind, oil and gas industry
  •   Marine geophysical and hydrographic survey
  •   Dive support
  •   Guard service
  •   Inspections by drones or ROV’s

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