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Sky-Access BV

  • Inspection, Maintenance & Repair, Hook Up & Commissioning Services
Vaartveld 4
The Netherlands
T:  +31(0)88 1233600
Out of the box
Sky-Access BV provides technical maintenance at difficult reachable areas through the use of industrial rope techniques. In other words: Industrial Rope Access.
Areas who are difficult to reach are detected often after maintenance work has already started resulting in work being pushed back due to safety regulations. A common question asked to Sky-Access is whether they can start yesterday. However, they prefer to be involved at an earlier stage of the project to help find the best solutions to these kind of problems. 
Due to his years of technical experience, out of the box, technician and hands-on owner Ronny van Baal of Sky-Access is not easily put off by a challenge. The main guideline of the company is thinking in terms of solutions. More than just Rope Access, Sky-Access combines existing techniques with fresh ideas and applications to make a difference. By attracting W and E technical personnel and to teach them how to climb, they distinguish themselves from the rest of the market. “You can better teach a welder to climb than a climber to weld” is a well-known quote from Ronny van Baal.
Industrial rope technique has become a necessity in the maintenance of tanks, freighter, elevator shafts, masts and Rigs.
Maintenance work includes: welding, painting, antennas, lighting, anodes and inspection work like NDT and NACE paint inspections. 

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