SPT Offshore

SPT Offshore
SPT Offshore is the world leading offshore (EPCI) contractor and design consultant specialised in suction pile foundations and Self Installing Platforms (SIP). SIPs are independent of heavy lift crane barges and offer scheduling flexibility for the development of oil and gas fields and offshore wind farms. SPT Offshore also provides design, manufacture and installation of suction piles, Suction Pile Clusters (SPC) and Suction Embedded Anchors (SEA) for the mooring of floating units, subsea structures and pipelines.
With the support from Carbon Trust and 8 Renewable Energy Companies, SPT has developed the Suction Installed Wind Turbine (SIWT) concept. The SIWT allows single piece transportation and installation of the wind Turbine and its foundations. The SIWT is suited for up to 15 MW WTG’s and water depths of 20 – 60 m.
SPT Offshore has developed five (5) proprietary SIP concepts and performs conceptual design as part of FEED studies. As offshore heavy lift crane barges and pile driving equipment are avoided, the SIPs offer significant cost reductions in comparison with the conventional heavy lift crane barge installed and piled platforms. SIPs are reusable and can easily be removed and reinstalled at other fields.
The SPC is a deepwater foundation suited for all kinds of subsea structures, such as manifolds, trees; pumps, etc. The SPC is adjusted vertically by selective suction. This avoids the need for later adjustments.

SPT Offshore owns and operates 20 remotely controlled suction pump units for water depths from 5m up to 3;000m. All suction pump units are built in robust frames and offer builtin 100 % backup.
The suction flow and pressure are fully adjustable. The deepwater suction pump units / lifting frames are equipped with a remotely operated lift and release system for lifting and lowering the suction pile or SPC to the seafloor. The suction pump units are fully instrumented to measure and control all essential suction installation variables, including soil plug (echo sounder), internal and ambient pressures, X&Y inclination and orientation.

Contact: Mark Riemers, Managing Director