Temporary Works Design

Temporary Works Design

Temporary Works Design (TWD) is an engineering company specialized in creating custom-designed tools and structures that allow you to perform transport & installation projects safely and on time. You can regard TWD as your problem solver. The reliable partner that creates functional and creative solutions, regardless to the time frame, or the complexity of the challenge. Our goal is to reinforce your project team’s capabilities and complement them where required, so we can together achieve a successful project execution.

Offshore WIND
TWD is well established in the Offshore Wind market. Our designs, developed in close cooperation with a wide variety of offshore installation contractors, contributed to the successful erection of many offshore wind farms.

Offshore Wind installation projects have a highly repetitive character, which makes their success largely depending on the chosen installation methods. Due to our experience, we understand the critical aspects in the transport and installation cycle. With logical deck lay-outs, innovative and practical handling tools and well-thought-out installation procedures, we can contribute to a significant reduction of the offshore cycle time.

Offshore OIL & GAS
Involved in a wide range of Oil & Gas projects, TWD has built a vast expertise in the Oil & Gas sector, required to become your reliable project partner. Our structural and mechanical engineers can assist in your project with the design of tailor-made temporary works and tools for transport & installation challenges.

Whether the challenge is simple or complex, TWD designs stand out by their practicality, without compromising on quality and operational safety. All our solutions comply with the applicable standards & codes to assure a certified and safe operation.

With our team of naval architects, we can provide the full range of services required for a successful transport & installation project: