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Tideway Offshore Solutions BV

  • Pipeline & Offshore Installation Activities
  • Civil And Dredging Activities
Minervum 7442
4817 ZG, Breda
P.O. Box 7074
4800 GB, Breda
The Netherlands
T:  +31 76 5204140
F:  +31 76 5204150

Tideway is an international offshore contractor, specialised in dredging and rock placement operations on a worldwide basis.
Tideway is developing its core business – dredging and rock placement – and at the same time extending and diversifying its range of hydraulic engineering and maritime construction activities so as to offer integrated solutions for such projects that require a multidisciplinary approach.


  • Trench dredging/backfill and landfall construction for the installation of oil and gas pipelines
  • Construction of water/sewage intake or outlet pipeline structures
  • Pre-sweep dredging operations to level the sea bottom prior to pipeline installation
  • Precise stone dumping operations both in shallow waters and in waters to depths of 1000 m for protection
  • Stabilisation of pipelines, free span corrections and protection of platform feet against scouring and erosion
  • Dredging and land reclamation projects
  • Land water way development navigation channel recreation
  • Port construction projects

Tideway adheres to a consistent partnering philosophy. Cooperation with local authorities and contractors is therefore a basic attitude of Tideway, endeavouring to foster sustained development in every part of the world.