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  • Materials and Equipment Suppliers/Manufacturers
P.O. Box 164
8000 AD , Zwolle
The Netherlands
T:  +31 (0) 38 4250 035
F:  +31 (0) 38 4226 128

TME designs and builds one-off machinery, equipment and turn-key installations for the offshore industry. We specialize in mechanical engineering and distinguish ourselves through our extensive practical knowledge from the concept phase right up to the production phase. We have an in-house certified construction department compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2, EN 1090-1 and authorized by Lloyds for remarking. Examples of realized projects include:

  •  Bulkhandling equipment for rock dumping fallpipe vessel
  •  Heavy duty beltconveyors
  •  Equipment deployed during installation of offshore windturbines
  •  Ballast containers for offshore vessels
  •  Connectable pontoons with smart coupling system
  •  Lloyds certified launch & recovery system for trencher

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