Twister is an engineering solutions and technology provider delivering a portfolio of gas-processing systems to the oil and gas industry which stand out in operational reliability due to a simple ruggedized design using minimum facilities.

Twister warrants the lowest Life Cycle Cost and increased revenues by simultaneously dehydrating and hydrocarbon dewpointing natural gas streams. Twister’s Technology does not depend on usage of chemicals & solvents to meet dehydration specifications which means that the need for constant operator attendance, processing and intensive maintenance is removed.

As the Oil & Gas industry is confronted with a period sustained of lower oil price there will be a need to shift to minimising cost throughout the Operating Life Cycle. Twister Technology will help to make this shift by offering their inherently reliable gas-processing alternative to the traditional technologies.


  • The compact and lightweight Twister system offers significant reduced facilities and weight reduction with the associated cost savings.
  • Lowest operating cost compared to alternative technologies.
  • Highest availability and reliability.
  •  Minimal operator intervention