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Vroon Offshore Services BV

  • Drilling and Drilling Related Services
  • Pipeline & Offshore Installation Activities
  • Civil And Dredging Activities
  • Transport and Logistics Services
  • Engineering and Consultancy Services
Het Nieuwe Werk 88
1781 AK, Den Helder
The Netherlands
T:  +31 223 673800
F:  +31 223 673899

VOS (Vroon Offshore Services) is a leading maritime offshore-services supplier. Vroon has been active in this business since 1964. The geographical focus is primarily in the North Sea, Mediterranean and South-East Asia. VOS has offices in Aberdeen, Den Helder, Genova and Singapore.

VOS operates over 100 vessels in four main categories: platform-supply vessels (PSV), anchor-handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels, emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRV) and subsea-support vessels. In addition, a wide range of additional offshore services, such as seismic/survey support, maintenance and scientific support, are offered on a worldwide basis. Over 50 new vessels have been delivered to the fleet since 2007, while older vessels have been divested. Fleet renewal will continue in the years to come, with around 30 new building vessels scheduled for delivery between 2014 and 2016.

The company’s fleet versatility means we are able to fulfil customer requirements in the fields of oil drilling and production and offshore construction and maintenance work. Whether it be platform supply, emergency response and rescue work, anchor handling or subsea support, Vroon has the fleet to MEET your needs, the people to DELIVER and the determination to SUCCEED.

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