IRO 50 years: Book ‘Won from the Waves’ officially launched!

01-12-2021 IRO news

IRO 50 years: Book ‘Won from the Waves’ officially launched!

On the occasion of IRO’s 50th anniversary maritime historians Joke Korteweg and Frits Loomeijer wrote the anniversary book about 50 years of Dutch Offshore, entitled (Dutch and English):

Wagen en Winnen
De Nederlandse offshore-industrie
Pionier in energietransitie
Won from the Waves
The Dutch Offshore Industry
A Pioneer in the Energy Transition

On Friday 26 November, the day that the anniversary would have taken place, IRO chairman Pieter van Oord was presented with the first copy by Charlotte Roodenburg in the Willemswerf in Rotterdam, followed by an interview with the authors Joke Korteweg and Frits Loomeijer. In this book they describe the fascinating development of the Dutch offshore industry, which has been in the top five of the world for fifty years.

Watch the ceremony and the interview with authors Frits Loomeijer and Joke Korteweg, conducted by Charlotte, in the video below.

What is the book about?

‘Won from the Waves’ describes how this industry operates with a lot of courage and technical ingenuity in a critical social and political climate. Hence the subtitle ‘Pioneer in Energy Transition’. During the research it turned out that the sector, however diverse it may be, was able to respond to factors such as the energy transition. Initially this transition started from coal to oil and gas, then from oil and gas to sustainable energy. Offshore companies often take on the pioneering role, although this is not always visible for outsiders. This book sheds a new light on this socially relevant sector through lines that are extended from the past to the present and the future.

Order books?

All IRO member companies have received 1 copy of this special book by mail. If you like to order more books, for example to hand over to relations or employees, please fill out the order form. The book is available in Dutch or English for the special member price of €20 per book (excl. VAT and shipping costs).