Bronswerk Heat Transfer brings Services in-house again

20-01-2021 Member news

After 2.5 years of outsourcing the services department, Bronswerk Heat Transfer has made the strategic choice to bring the service department back in-house.

Jeroen Dekker, Operations Director at Bronswerk Heat Transfer: “We want to achieve a higher service level and realize more added value for our customers during the entire lifecycle of their heat exchange solutions. That made us decide to bring the service & maintenance department back in-house.”
Ernst-Jan Huijbers, CEO at Bronswerk Heat Transfer adds: “Directly from our 80 year old roots we can once again offer our customers a range of services dedicated to guarantee a smooth operation of their heat transfer solution and to increase uptime and performance.”

The added value services that Bronswerk Heat Transfer now offers extra include survey & analysis, process optimization, and replacement and expansion. We are also a reliable partner for questions about solving bottlenecks in order to increase capacity and for maintenance and cleaning issues in general.

From the archives at our head office we have direct access to the original drawings and designs for original manufactured Bronswerk equipment. “This way we can guarantee our customers the comfort of original parts, avoiding the risk of patent infringement and incompatible or low quality look-alikes.” said Gerald Vierhout, Service Account Manager at Bronswerk Heat Transfer. ”Our goal is to improve the efficiency and lifespan of our customers’ equipment as well as their processes and help them achieve energy savings and CO2 reduction.”

Our services department is headed by Mr Gerald Vierhout. You can contact him directly via and via our services mailbox

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