Conbit enhances offshore lifting capabilities with knuckle boom crane

21-11-2018 Eindhoven Member news

Conbit enhances offshore lifting capabilities with knuckle boom crane

Conbit has enhanced its rental crane fleet by investing in a new knuckle boom crane that is ideal for specialist offshore lifting.

The CK050F temporary offshore lifting crane is a telescopic knuckle boom, which is designed for offshore lifting and is ATEX certified for offshore applications.

The crane allows operation of multiple functions simultaneously (slewing, luffing, lifting) and has a continuously variable speed control, from zero to maximum speed. It is extremely versatile as it has the capacity to lift up to 9.7t on platforms or at harbours, or up to 5t for wave heights up to 2.5m.

With its small footprint, it is hugely beneficial for deck crane replacements, maintenance, wireline services and installation operations on offshore facilities where there is often limited space and no regular cranes available.

The crane is can be easily deployed anywhere in the world as it can be disassembled into small components and containerised for easy handling.

“By introducing this unique crane into our fleet, we can really strengthen our offshore lifting capabilities and offer a crane that is ideally suited to many different applications. It is lightweight and versatile, making it hugely beneficial when there is restricted site space and limited lifting resources,” explained Bram van Oirschot, Tender Manager for Conbit.