Excel® and Tycan® to integrate with Green Pin®

20-04-2018 Sliedrecht

Excel® and Tycan® to integrate with Green Pin®


As a result of this decision, Excel® will cease to exist as a separate brand and Tycan® will be used under the Green Pin® umbrella as the name for all products related to fibre technology. In merging these brands, Van Beest creates one big premium brand – Green Pin® – for all below-the-hook fittings. Van Beest will continue to manufacture Green Pin® (formerly Excel®) chain fittings at its current production location in France. Evert van Beuzekom, Vice President Sales and Procurement at the Van Beest Group reflects: “Excel®, Tycan® and Green Pin® all represent premium quality products and thus have a natural fit with one another. In merging them under one Green Pin® brand, we further support our mission of providing customers with high quality below-the-hook fittings combined with efficient service and high stock availability.”

Excel® is a premium quality brand for chain fittings, manufactured in France since the mid-1960’s. Van Beest acquired the Excel® brand and production facilities in 2007. The transition period of replacing Excel® markings and logo’s on physical products will take several years. After this transition period the Excel® name and brand will cease to exist completely.

Tycan® is a premium quality, fibre link chain that has all the performance and flexibility of steel chain but is a fraction of the weight. Van Beest obtained the Tycan® brand through the acquisition of the Norwegian company Load Solutions in September 2017. Due to the novelty of Tycan®’s product range, Tycan® will continue to exist as a special sub-brand within the scope of the Green Pin® brand. All Green Pin® products related to fibre technology will therefore be known as Green Pin Tycan®.

Van Beest will continue to sell the full product range – Tycan® fibre chain, Green Pin® rope fittings and Green Pin® chain fittings – under the new, premium brand name through our existing distributor network.