Increasing demand for underwater motors – Bakker Sliedrecht in China continues

21-11-2019 Member news

Increasing demand for underwater motors – Bakker Sliedrecht in China continues

The demand for the submersible motors of Bakker Sliedrecht is increasing considerably in the Chinese market last years. The electrical system integrator now equips several Chinese dredgers a year with such a motor.

At Marintec, the largest maritime exhibition in Asia, Bakker Sliedrecht will show a model of the underwater motor. The company also pays attention to its centenary. The Marintec can be visited from December 3 to 6 in Shanghai.

Bakker Sliedrecht and its partners have developed their own powerful submersible motor, which can be customized for any type of dredging vessel. Due to these engines, dredgers can work at depths up to 1000 meters, despite harsh conditions. At this moment a lot of dredgers are built in China. Bakker Sliedrecht equips several of these dredging vessels with a submersible motor. “It’s one of the most important equipment onboard the vessel. If this motor has a failure, the entire vessel can not operate. Bakker Sliedrecht can supply the high quality motors that are required for this job”, says sales manager Eric Guan of Bakker China.

Since each customer has a different demand, Bakker Sliedrecht can customize the motor especially for each vessel. For example a hopper dredger, cutter dredger or deepsea crawler. The company supplies both air-filled and oil-filled submersible motors. What makes them quite unique is the special sealing, allowing them to operate at great depths.
The dredging depths become deeper and deeper, which is why a submersible motor becomes necessary. Besides dredging vessels, deepwater crawlers use Bakker Sliedrecht’s submersible motors for underwater mining and salvage vessels for salvaging sunken ships.

The motors are being developed and built in Europe and then exported to China, where they are being installed during the construction of the vessels on the shipyard. To maximize the uptime of the underwater engine of customers’ dredgers, Bakker China has a local team that has been trained in the Netherlands and that can offer full service support in supplying spare parts and maintenance to local customers.

Bakker Sliedrecht has been a trusted name in the dredging industry for 100 years. In the past century the innovative Dutch company has made a major contribution to the growth and increase in efficiency of the dredging industry. Bakker Sliedrecht has an office and service hub located in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China, allowing the company to easily collaborate with Chinese shipyards and other partners in the Chinese market.