IQIP is proud to introduce the Hydrohammer® IQ Series

26-09-2022 Member news

IQIP is proud to introduce the Hydrohammer® IQ Series

Introducing the IQ series: the next generation of hydrohammers

The future of intelligent pile driving is here.
IQIP is proud to introduce the Hydrohammer® IQ Series.

Developed in response to the growing size of wind turbines for the increased production of renewable
energy, the Hydrohammer IQ Series pushes the boundaries of current technologies to facilitate the
installation of the world’s largest monopiles.

Celebrating the launch of the IQ Series, IQIP’s CEO, Robert Diepenbroek, said, “The new IQ Series, which features the largest and most powerful Hydrohammer in the world, reflects IQIP’s future-focused vision to facilitate the installation of wind turbines to meet the world’s increasing demand for renewable
energy. The team at IQIP have drawn on many years of engineering and offshore experience to launch
this range of intelligent hammers, and we remain dedicated to leading the industry by developing more state-of-the-art equipment for our clients in the renewable energy sector”.


Building on the reliable technology of IQIP’s world class S Series of Hydrohammers, the innovative IQ
Series delivers IQIP’s largest hammers for intelligent pile driving on a grand scale. The IQ Series can drive piles continuously with a 100% energy capacity, or, depending on soil conditions, can be boosted to achieve the maximum power of 120% over a determined period of time. By regulating energy during pile driving to match the conditions on-site, the IQ Series offers an intelligent approach that optimises pile driving for a more efficient and precise installation, guaranteeing foundation stability.

The IQ Series rental fleet is currently equipped with three models:

  • IQ6: Capable of delivering a maximum intelligent pile driving energy of 6600kJ, the IQ6 is the
    world’s most powerful Hydrohammer and is ready for the future generation of monopiles
  • IQ4: Delivers a maximum intelligent pile driving energy of 4800kJ and is suitable for the current
    generation monopiles
  • IQ2: Delivers a maximum intelligent pile driving energy of 3600kJ and is suitable for the current
    generation monopiles


PULSE, a modular addition to the Hydrohammer, minimises noise during pile driving to deliver an
environmentally-friendly foundation installation. The elongated blow of PULSE is twice the duration of
the blow of a conventional hammer, increasing piling efficiency while reducing pile fatigue and impact
noise. PULSE can be adapted for different conditions and is able to perform at maximum peak force.
The IQ Series can also be combined with PULSE, for an efficient and environmentally-friendly installation with reduced noise, pile fatigue and operating costs.


IQIP’s reliable and world-renowned, first generation Hydrohammer S Series, was developed in the early 1980s and has been deployed for use on Onshore construction, Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind projects the world over. The S Series is known for its unique robust design and its reliability in the field. For more than 30 years, hammers in the S Series, ranging from S-30 to S-2000, have been developed to cater for all types of piling and foundation work. IQIP’s leading technological expertise with the S Series provided the foundation for the development of the IQ Series.


IQIP is the worldwide leading foundation and installation specialist, and has been offering total solutions for construction projects in the Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas, and Coastal & Civil markets, as well as Decommissioning, for over 30 years. IQIP are experts in the development of innovative and high-quality equipment for efficient pile driving, handling, lifting and subsea pile guiding. With a future-focused vision, IQIP uses digitalisation to optimise the efficiency of equipment, and invests in state-of-the-art technologies to ensure equipment is safe and sustainable. By offering consultancy, engineering, production and installation services, IQIP delivers tailor-made solutions to optimise operational efficiency and reduce risks on projects. IQIP’s combination of experience, craftsmanship and passion makes them a reliable partner to build a sustainable world for the next generation.