KenzFigee signs contract with Duke Energy Renewables for delivery of the first GenhookTM LT UP-Tower Crane package

12-02-2020 Member news

KenzFigee, a well-established supplier and service provider of tailor-made equipment for the marine, offshore and wind energy, is pleased to announce to have been awarded a contract by Duke Energy Renewables for delivery of the GenHookTM LT up-tower crane package.

The contract comprises the design and fabrication of the first new generation GenHookTM LT temporary up-tower crane package with a SWL capacity of 10 tons, which will be initially deployed for generator exchanges on the SiemensGamesa WTG in the 2.3 MW range and will be further adapted to other tasks and technologies.

The GenHookTM LT is an industry-leading innovation, designed to perform lifts in wind turbines, eliminating the need to mobilize large conventional cranes for corrective repairs and component exchanges. The zero-emission-crane, fully powered by a wind turbine’s back feed power circuit, is designed to exchange major components with extreme accuracy, while working in wind speeds up to 18 meters per second. The GenHookTM LT up-tower crane is assembled in only 2 lifts, with the assistance of the Heli-HookTM crane, and supplied in one standard 40-foot ISO container. The GenHookTM LT package, which includes the Heli-HookTM crane, is scheduled for delivery in May 2020.

“KenzFigee is proud that Duke Energy Renewables, an industry-leading operator and maintenance provider for wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities in the U.S., will be the first client deploying our latest innovative crane technology for O&M wind turbine work. The GenHookTM LT is designed in close cooperation with our sister company and up-tower service operator LiftWerx, which resulted in some distinct operational advantages, like: increase of safety, reducing costs and operational efficiency”, says Jan-Pieter Klaver, CEO of KenzFigee.

“The GenHookTM LT is the first up-tower crane purpose-built to efficiently replace generators. This tool allows Duke Energy Renewables to streamline our services and enhances our ability to offer one-call solutions to our customers with simplified operations, highly predictable costs and a lighter footprint on sites”, says Tony Morelli, Large Corrective Manager at Duke Energy Renewables.