Offshore Energy – Tales of the North Sea

28-10-2020 IRO news

Offshore Energy – Tales of the North Sea

The 14th edition of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference opened its virtual doors on 27 and 28 October! During this virtual program several talk shows were organised, one of them was called Tales of the North Sea.

The North Sea is not only a part but the leader of the energy transition. This is according to a talk show Tales of the North Sea, moderated by Julian Manning, CEO at Paradigm Group, who discussed the offshore energy sector in the North Sea with Sander Vergroesen, Managing Director at IRO, Chris Jones, Head of Business Development at Osbit, and Graham Hacon, Vice President Business Development Offshore Wind at Worley.

The energy transition is going on for a decade now and it will not stop in a year, so it becomes an area where players from the oil and gas industry and renewable energy meet – as we move towards lowering our emissions as much as possible. However, this move needs to be done in a realistic way, recognising the role oil and gas play now, and building on it with renewable energy and new energy infrastructure such as hydrogen and CCS.

In the North sea, opportunities outside oil and gas are massive for the offshore energy supply chain, from offshore wind which is – in terms of offshore renewables – by far the biggest market now, all the way to green and blue hydrogen, as well as sector coupling. These great next generation technologies will need to be supported by great innovation and equipment, according to the speakers.