Working together in a perfect storm – 22 September

14-10-2020 Young IRO

Working together in a perfect storm – 22 September

A few weeks ago Young IRO organized an event together with the Offshore training provider STC-KNRM in the harbour of Rotterdam. After months of social isolation and working from home we managed to organize the first live event of this year within safe boundaries! Thanks to the organization of STC-KNRM, Twan van Tilburg, all Young IRO members and of course the nice weather we had that afternoon, it was a huge success.

We started with an interesting workshop from Twan van Tilburg, who took us with him on his life journey and the lessons he has learned throughout his career which started in the army and has led him to working with high-risk professions in the industry.

After this everybody got divided into groups for the four different training sessions; sea survival in the indoor pool, extinguishing fire and escaping from a building, first aid treatments and joining a free fall lifeboat! Check the after movie below!

We ended the afternoon with a BBQ outside the training institute and everybody enjoyed the food and drinks, the sun and of course the conversations among all Young IRO members! After a long period of social isolation, it was good to see that the participants had fun and were full of energy to work together during the sessions and in general to meet each other. The event was a success, a special thanks to the organization of STC-KNRM due to all arrangements regarding COVID-19 and all participants in following this up, together we have made it a success!