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Bakker Repair + Services performs cost-saving generator repair on board of Engie E&P offshore platform

20 March 2017, Sliedrecht | Trade

The F3-FB-1 is an offshore platform from Engie E&P Nederland B.V. that is located in the North Sea. The platform, that is located 210 kilometers from the Dutch shore, produces oil and gas that is transported to Den Helder.

Routine inspection
A routine inspection of the platform’s generators, performed by Bakker Repair + Services, showed that two generators needed repairing. This was necessary to fixate the V- blocks, a key component of a generator, and to restore the balance of the rotors to meet the required vibration levels. The inspections proved their worth as potential damage was discovered in an early stage, enabling Engie E&P to take action timely.

Repair on board the offshore platform
Normally, the required repairs are performed onshore, causing high costs of transporting the generator between the platform and shore. Bakker Repair + Services proposed a brand new option; repair both generators on board the platform to save costs and time. The HUET certified engineers of Bakker Repair + Services drew up a plan to repair the generators according to all regulations.

Successful repair in just ten days
The repairs were finished in just ten days. The final load test showed that both generators operated perfectly and that the vibrations decreased significantly to the required level. Martin Dronrijp, Maintenance Support Engineer at Engie E&P:” We are very satisfied with the way Bakker Repair + Services handled this project. Their engineers showed real skill and expertise as they created the solution to perform this repair on-site for us.”

Cost-saving solution
This repair proves that repairing generators on board an offshore platform is a cost-saving solution to keep rotating equipment in best condition. Compared with traditional offshore repairs, customers can save up to 40% without compromising on quality.