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Young IRO turns one, so let’s take it to the next level! (Request for speakers at first Intelligent Event)

12 February 2018, Rotterdam | Trade

The game-changing launch of the Space X Falcon Heavy on 6 February. The Space industry has a lot in common with the Offshore Industry. Both industries can learn a lot from each other. 

It has now been a year that Young IRO is a reality. We have kickstarted it with our great launch event in October 2017 at OEEC and we are now almost 200 members strong. This means that it’s time for new exciting endeavours. But first things first; we can’t turn one unnoticed so that’s why we will be organizing a small celebration drink for our members on Friday 23 February from 16:30 until 18:30 at CitizenM Rotterdam. Please send an email to to let us know your attendance.

Apart from celebrating our anniversary we are currently also working on the preparations of our first Intelligent Event of the year on 29 March which will be held at the DOB-Academy in Delft.
To enhance the program of our event we are currently searching for 3 individual young enthusiastic speakers from the industry that would like to pitch something new & innovative at our event. Send an email to if you are the one or if you know the perfect person for this opportunity!

It’s always interesting to look at other industries and how some companies are really stirring it up. That’s why we shared the following Inspiration tip:

Worth sharing:
Focus on the New and don’t fight about the old according to Bernard Alblas on page 7:

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