Estonian Wind Energy Conference 2024 Talinn

februari 13 - 14 | Tallinn, Estonia Conferenties & Beurzen

Estonian Wind Energy Conference 2024

The goal of Estonia for 2030 is to cover the entire electricity consumption of the country with renewable electricity.
How does the transition to wind energy impact our economic environment, communities, and natural environment?
The Estonian Wind Energy Conference will be held for the third time, and this time, we will look at the current situation and how we can realize our goals.
We seek a balance between technical achievements, community expectations, smart job creation, educational needs, conservation constraints, fast timelines, and high capital costs.
The conference will be held on February 13 and 14. To participate on the spot, you need to purchase a ticket. The webcast is free and open to everyone.

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If you are interested to participate or want to receive more information, please contact:
Tjerk Suurenbroek –