ERIKS Flow Control

ERIKS Flow Control

ERIKS Flow Control (also known as ERIKS Econosto) offers you in-depth application knowledge, high quality products, custom solutions, efficiency and cost reduction.

We are an independent, value adding project valve supplier, specialized in the management of international projects in the field of piping equipment, such as valves, actuated valves, subsea valves, safety devices, choke valves, level indicators and instrumentation. With 125 years of experience we are truly project management specialists.

Solutions for the oil & gas market

Production, transportation, storage and processing of oil and gas require piping components in the highest quality. We supply quality components and systems for high-pressure process and piping for oil and gas facilities to customers all over the world. Above ground as well as on the bottom of the sea.

We are specialized in total project management for international contractors; in which case we also supply valves and actuators. Flange gaskets, instrumentation, hydraulic components and systems, process hoses and special seals are supplied to producers of oilfield equipment. And also to contractors for maintenance purposes. ERIKS services the North Sea oil and gas market with specialized companies in England, the Netherlands, Scotland and Denmark.

ERIKS is an international industrial service provider offering a wide range of high-quality mechanical engineering components and related technical and logistics services:

  • Valves & Actuation
  • Controls & Instrumentation
  • Sealing and Rubber Technology
  • Hoses & Accessories
  • Power transmission & Bearings
  • Industrial plastics
  • Tools, Maintenance and Safety products

The ERIKS group consists of over 60 group companies with branches in 21 countries.
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