Mistras Group

Mistras Group

Welcome to the Mistras Group!

We offer our customers high standard Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection solutions worldwide. Mistras Group has over 6000 employees globally with an average growth of 20% per year.  Mistras is registered at the stock market in New York. In The Netherlands we have offices in Spijkenisse, Amsterdam and Hengelo.

At Mistras, the customers’ needs are central. We are flexible; efficient and work with short response times.

Mistras offers complete solutions to the end customer so their targets can be achieved; long life of assets, excellent availability and productivity, low maintenance, outstanding safety and environmental performance, risk management and avoidance of incidents.

Our trained engineers apply advanced techniques in accordance with international standards and procedures. We work with the latest techniques and equipment. There are cross-checks to monitor and maintain consistent high quality. Mistras is service minded where safety always comes first.

Many of the innovative techniques that Mistras developed came from customers’ requests. Innovative solutions and efficient inspection methods have led to cost effective results.