Airborne Oil & Gas announces significant investment from Sumitomo Corporation

13-04-2018 IJmuiden


The investment by Sumitomo Corporation strengthens a strategic partnership which both companies entered into in 2016, in which the companies collaborate to provide the oil & gas industry with cost effective TCP technology solutions that are non-corrosive, light-weight and result in significantly lower total installed cost.

Mr. Takushi Kikuchi, General Manager for Tubular Products Units of Sumitomo Corporation Europe Limited, stated: “I am very pleased with this investment in Airborne Oil & Gas, as we are committed to deliver cost reduction and efficiency to the Oil & Gas industry, introducing new technologies and business models. AOG’s Thermo-Plastic Composite pipe is a perfect addition to continue our mission. We believe that TCP technology has achieved a breakthrough in the market place and have a disruptive potential for SURF applications. The industry is now, more than ever, ready to embrace such new technology; Sumitomo Corporation and Airborne Oil & Gas are very well positioned to provide valuable solutions from this partnership.”

Ms. Aleksandra Wrobel, CFO of AOG said: “We are very proud of our shareholder base, which already included Shell, Chevron, Saudi Aramco, Evonik and Subsea 7. We are delighted to welcome Sumitomo Corporation in this group, and to be able to work together moving forward. Their significant investment is testament to what we have achieved thus far, pioneering the introduction of thermoplastic composite pipe technology in a conservative market, and creating the largest track record in this space.”

Mr. Martin van Onna, CCO of AOG, added: “We look forward to continuing and deepening our cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation. Since 2016, we have been working together in offering TCP solutions to the industry. The current investment will strengthen our collaboration and allow us to offer integrated and advanced TCP solutions around the globe. We look forward to leveraging Sumitomo’s vast network of experts, offering TCP solutions where they fit best, be it stand alone or part of larger subsea infrastructures. Our company cultures and values are a perfect match, offering our clients know-how, expertise, transparency and trust.”