Invitation to participate in Public Tender for the supply of Fittings


Invitation to participate in Public Tender for the supply of Fittings

We would like to interest you in our tender for manufacturers or suppliers of Fittings.

In a nutshell about our Company

  • Israel Natural Gas Lines Company LTD. (INGL) is a governmental company in charge of the construction and operating the national High Pressure (80 bars) Natural Gas Transmission System in Israel, including transmission of natural gas from offshore suppliers to major consumers in the energy market
  • As of June 2018, part of the Company bonds are traded in the Israeli Stock Exchange
  • Our Company is internationally oriented whilst most procurement, construction and related services are provided by and involve leading manufacturers, suppliers and contractors worldwide
  • Our system includes, inter-alia, onshore and offshore pipelines and facilities. Currently, already working approx.. 730 km of high pressure natural gas pipeline of various diameters up to 36″, 2 receiving terminals, 83 block valve stations, approx.46 PRMSs, portable PRMS and a LNG buoy, spread all over the State of Israel
  • Additionally, we are under construction or about to begin construction are approx. 130 km of 36” high pressure natural gas pipeline, two receiving terminals, 12 block valves stations and 5 PRMSs.

For your convenience, you can explore more about us at our website:

 The Current Tender

1. The tender’s aims:
To qualify our Approved Suppliers, which are manufacturers or suppliers of high pressure natural gas fittings, for the next 5-7 years.
The Tender does not ask for specific price proposal. Such shall be requested by future RFQs from suppliers qualified as Approved Suppliers in this tender.

2. The leading documents Tender (click here) and Contract (click here)
In order to participate in the Tender and receive the full Tender Documents (by digital files and hard copy), the Bidder is required to register (free of charge) by providing Annex A1 (click here) and a copy of ISO 9001 certificate or compliant.

3. The Tender time schedule (Clause 6 of the Tender)

  • Last date for submission of queries and requests for clarifications regarding the Tender – November 11, 2019
  • Deadline for submission of Bids: Between December 1, until December 5, 2019 at 17:00 (Israel time)

For any correspondence regarding this Tender, please use the tender email address

Please follow announcement to this Tender in our tender website: click here