IRO webinar Geothermal Opportunities: lively session with a TOP panel!


IRO webinar Geothermal Opportunities: lively session with a TOP panel!

In collaboration with IGA: International Geothermal Association, we organized a lively and inspiring Geothermal Panel discussion on 8 April.

Dr Marit Brommer, Executive Director of IGA, moderated the session with a group of four prominent geothermal believers:

  • Ms Jamie Beard, Executive Director of the Geothermal Entreneurship Organisation in USA, expressed her vision on the global opportunities of geothermal energy.
    She made it very clear that already a lot of work is being done by oil majors a.o. into geothermal developments.
    “It’s time for green drilling. Global. Baseload. Within a decade.”
  • Dr Ellie Macinnes, Head of Geothermal Science at CGG in UK, focused on the Geothermal opportunities arising in the coming decade.
    “The subsurface knowledge and data is all at our disposal, it is relatively easy to get geothermal developments accelerated.”
  • Mr Rob Urselmann, Principle at AOTEA in UK, shared his thoughts on how the Oil Gas Service Industry (on- and offshore) can deliver on these opportunities.
    “Geothermal opportunities are everywhere, just around the corner. The heat is on, just below us. Innovation in technology drives cost reduction.”
  • Dr John O‘Sullivan, COO and founder at DCarbonX in Ireland, looked at the opportunities for local implementation of decarbonisation initiatives i.e. geothermal.
    “Local governmental organisations can play a huge role in setting up geothermal initiatives for local use, relatively easy to achieve.”

The following discussion between moderator, panelists and audience made it clear that geothermal seems to have a promising future, it needs scaling and guts. Let’s keep the momentum alive and share best practices.

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