Lancering campagne “The maritime future is now!”

05-11-2020 Online

Lancering campagne “The maritime future is now!”
Tijdens de Maritime Week 2020, welke dit jaar van 7 t/m 14 november plaats vindt, wordt de campagne ‘’The maritime future is now!’’ gelanceerd.
Op vrijdag 13 november van 09:00 tot 10:00 uur ben je van harte welkom bij de online lancering. Binnen de Maritieme sector is er, op initiatief van RVO als invulling van de nationale nieuwe Netherlands campagne, een nieuwe campagne ontwikkeld om de Nederlandse maritieme sector onder één inhoudelijke en visuele identiteit naar buiten te brengen. Deze campagne gaat over de bijdrage van de Nederlandse maritieme sector als game changer voor behoud en een duurzaam gebruik van gezonde oceanen en zeeën. Met deze lancering willen we bereiken dat de Nederlandse maritieme sector en het Nederlandse postennetwerk bekend raken met de campagne en hen oproepen om zich er bij aan te sluiten. Meld je aan via deze link.

Join the virtual kick-off of the international campaign for the Dutch maritime sector

“The maritime future is NOW!”

How can we untap the full potential of the oceans and seas for our transport, energy, food, leisure and living space? And do so in a way that ensures that they become healthier and more productive? Through “The maritime future is NOW!” campaign, the Netherlands urgently calls on all maritime partners to join forces and become gamechangers on a voyage towards a sustainable blue economy.

Live from Studio Ahoy in Rotterdam, four special guests, along with your host, Frank Goossensen (Arcadis and Topsector Water & Maritime), will launch “The maritime future is NOW!” on Friday, 13 November, between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. CET.

The launch will present this ground-breaking new campaign that has been developed in collaboration with and for the Dutch maritime sector and highlight innovative maritime projects. The Dutch maritime sector is eager to share its knowledge and expertise with its international partners. To do so, it has defined the following four pillars, which the speakers will zoom in on at the launch:

– developing zero-emission and smart shipping
– creating green, vibrant and connected port cities around the world
– advancing the sustainable blue economy with healthy and productive oceans
– acting as a green gateway to Europe

As the name of the campaign suggests: the maritime future is now, so let’s shape it together!

And remember this is an interactive event, so have your questions ready. We’ll be delighted to answer them.

We look forward to seeing you!

This event is made possible in part by Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe.

Can’t attend live? Please register anyway! We will send you a recording after the kick-off.