RelyOn Nutec training centres are open again


RelyOn Nutec training centres are open again

RelyOn Nutec is happy to help their customers again with their safety-critical training. The RelyOn Nutec Amsterdam and Rotterdam training centres are open again since the 28th of April! All training courses have been assessed and adapted to the RIVM guidelines and additional training measures were taken. In the training courses, RelyOn Nutec teaches delegates not to make any bypasses or concessions related to safety. This also remains in force during the COVID-19 crisis.

In order to train safely RelyOn Nutec took, amongst others, the following additional measures:

  • Use of additional PPE, such as glasses, masks and gloves
  • Adjustment of group sizes to maintain 1.5 m distance
  • Thorough cleaning of training materials
  • Use of screens where needed to prevent close contact, e.g. in classrooms
  • Reduction of seats in the helicopter under water simulator to keep 1.5 m distance
  • Use of a mannequin for escape and rescue at height
  • One way routing, where possible

RelyOn Nutec can train the delegates in an adapted way, whereby the learning objectives can still be achieved in accordance to the guidelines of the RIVM. If you would like to know more about the adapted way of training or their training offer, please contact RelyOn Nutec at or +31 181 376 600 or visit