Successful re-certification from API for Fluiconnecto Singapore

10-01-2018 Krimpen aan den IJssel

Fluiconnecto is proud to communicate the successful re-certification from API for our facility in Singapore.

On May last year we had the pleasure to announce the achievement of obtaining API certifications that allowed Fluiconnecto Singapore supply API-7K approved drilling hose assemblies for the oil & gas industry.

This time Fluiconnecto Singapore has achieved the re-certification for API Q1 and API 7K specs, as well as the successful transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.

This accomplishment is a testament of our commitment to ensuring the delivery of quality products and services to our customers. You can also learn more about our Quality Assurance Policy by visiting our dedicated page.

In this way, Fluiconnecto remains qualified to supply customers in the Oil & Gas industry, with products and services that provide maximum safety & performance.

Contact our local team in Singapore to learn more about our full line of products for the Oil & Gas industry.

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