IRO informs the members on regulations with regard to the oil and gas industry.

For this reason IRO monitors changes in oil and gas regulations, lobbys and participates in a number of fora and external working groups.

Important organisations are:


One of the activities of NOGEPA (Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association) is to regulate environmental, health, safety and training conditions in the oil and gas industry in The Netherlands. NOGEPA has produced guidelines for training employees of mining companies and their (sub) contractors. These guidelines are laid down in the NOGEPA Training Handbook revision 4. The IRO Safety and Training Group is closely involved in the regular revisions of the NOGEPA Training Handbook.


State Supervision of Mines 

On the website of State Supervision of Mines (Staatstoezicht op de Mijnen), information can be found on legislation with regard to mining, labour and environment. IRO participates in the quarterly meetings of SODM with the labour Unions, NOGEPA and IADC on labour related subjects.

Subjects dealt with:

In July 2014 NOGEPA made an application to SODM and The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to change the 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off working pattern into 3 weeks on 3 weeks off working pattern. Due to the employment of more and more international workers, travel time has drastically increased. The less helicopter movements is better from a cost but also a safety viewpoint. Decided is to study the consequences for workers of prolonged working weeks first before a decision is taken.


Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

IRO regularly meets with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment on issues related to labour like: 


Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut (NEN)

NEN is the Dutch network of expertise in the world of standards and rules.

Standards are crucial for harmonizing products and services. They determine the minimum level of quality, curtail unnecessary variety and prevent design faults. Companies can play an active role in the standardization process within their own sector by participating in the one or more of the standardization technical committees (Dutch, European, International) of their choice and help shape essential standards. For the oil and gas industry the most important are ISO/TC 67 'Materials, equipment and offshore structures for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries' and CEN/TC 12 (same title). Other liaison committees are CEN/ TC 280 'Offshore containers', CEN/TC 282 'Installations and equipment for LNG', ISO/TC 28, 'Petroleum products and lubricants (includes LPG)', ISO/TC 158, 'Analysis of gases' and ISO/TC 193, 'Natural gas'. For more information on how to participate in these committees can be found at NEN.