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Offshore / underwater noise

As stipulated by European directives, the Dutch Government is implementing new regulations to limit offshore noise as this is harmful for marine life like seals and fish. As this measures will restrict the activities of IRO members involved in activities like offshore pile driving for the oil & gas, but also the offshore wind energy industry, IRO is engaging in a lobby to defend the interest of the companies involved.

Though the government is implementing restrictive measures in reality the effects of noise on marine life is not known. Reason that all parties involved are of the opinion that a study has to be made to determine the effect of noise on marine life.

The cost of this study that will take 4 years are € 845.000,- of which €445.000,- will be paid by the Dutch government, € 200.000,- by NOGEPA under the condition that the supply and service industry will take care of the remaining € 200.000,-.

As IRO is of the opinion that this study is very important for the future of the Dutch offshore oil & gas industry and for the Dutch offshore wind energy industry, IRO is stressing that it is important for companies that are involved in offshore/underwater noise to contribute to the study. In January 2011 a start has been made with the study and an users advisory committee has been formed. An IRO representative will take part in this committee.