International cooperation

Dutch Energy Solutions

Dutch Energy Solutions is a collaboration of Oil & Gas suppliers, R&D companies, associations and governmental bodies. The objective of the cluster is to establish on-going exchange of information, knowledge and business contacts with partners in the Gulf region. Changing quality, efficiency demand and development of the supply chain in the gulf region ask for international collaboration and innovative solutions. Dutch industry draws considerable attention in the implementation of remarkable projects worldwide. In all this work, quality and innovation continue to be key principles. Dutch Energy Solutions is founded by Association FME, Association IRO and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • Iran Dutch Energy Solutions
    On 21 February 2017, a group of Dutch companies and knowledge institutions entered into a partnership with the Dutch government to enter Iran's market through the Partners for International Business program. This PIB program focuses on improving the position of Dutch suppliers in the oil and gas industry in Iran. The Dutch government helps the cluster achieve its goals and thereby eliminates any trade barriers for the entire Dutch oil and gas sector in Iran.

  • Gas Technology Gulf region
    This PIB program, signed on 3 December 2014, focuses on improving the position of Dutch suppliers in the gas industry in the Gulf region. The program focuses on knowledge exchange and timely involvement in projects in Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The Dutch government helps the cluster achieve its goals and thereby eliminates any trade barriers for the entire sector in this region.


Partners for International Business Convenant - Brazil

The PIB Maritime by Holland is an RVO program to assist participating companies to do business with Brazil in the maritime industry including offshore oil and gas. The Covenant between RVO, NMT and the 7 participating companies was signed on 20 May 2014.

The 7 participating companies are: Damen Shipyards, Bakker Sliedrecht, Alewijnse Marine Systems, Loggers, Bierens, IRO and Blommert Scheepsluiken. In the meantime also TKF joined the convenant.


Euronet is an informal network of European oil and gas suppliers associations. The participants gather a few times a year on an informal base to exchange information and ideas.

Partners in Euronet are:

Maritime by Holland - Nederland Maritiem Land

Maritime by Holland is a joint initiative for 12,000 companies powering the maritime sector in Holland. Together, they generate social and economic value for clients worldwide through an unbeatable combination of expertise, imagination and collaboration. The offshore oil and gas industry is one of the secotrs promtoted by Maritime by Holland. For this purpose 4 councils have been established: the Trade Council, the Innovation Council, the Public Relation Council and the Human Capital Council. IRO participates in all four councils.


Advanced Energy Technologies INternational (AETIN) is a consortium of leading Dutch companies and research institutes active on the international energy market, that have joined forces to offer advanced expertise, technology and solutions for oil and gas projects in Vietnam.

AETIN is established and led by ‘Vietnam Consult & Trading B.V.’ and jointly financed by Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovations and participating companies. AETIN is supported by IRO. 

Memoranda of Understanding

IRO signed 5 Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).

In the MOU is agreed to establish a strategic relationship of business cooperation in the following fields:

  • Business Development
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Safety and Environment

Activities to be undertaken include the Exchange of Information, Seminars, Dialogues, Trade Missions, Matchmaking and Networking Events.