Do you realise that the Dutch Oil, Gas and Offshore Renewable supply industry belongs to the top 5 of the world?

Acting as the gateway to Dutch suppliers in the energy industry, the association IRO aims to maintain and strengthen the position of the Dutch Oil, Gas and Offshore Renewable Industry. Young IRO makes this mission future proof.    

The range of services that IRO provides to its members varies from maintaining government & NGO relations and facilitating networking opportunities within the IRO community to participating in international trade missions and exhibitions as well as providing Business Intelligence and training courses.

Future industry leaders 
Involvement of Young professionals is key in IRO’s mission to contribute to a future proof and sustainable industry. 
Young IRO focuses on these future industry leaders. The Young IRO founders believe that the future leaders can be targeted by facilitating continuous learning, development and knowledge exchange through business friendships. Young IRO plans to connect young industry participants, activate knowledge exchange, attract (even) younger talent and make a direct bridge to the IRO board and other industry leaders. Intelligence events, social media platforms and social gatherings will be the tools to chase our dream and accomplish our purpose.

Join Young IRO 
By joining Young IRO events, you get the chance to meet young professionals representing the entire supply chain of the Dutch Oil, Gas and Renewable industry. In addition you contribute to maintaining and strengthening the future position in the offshore oil, gas and renewable industry. Are you under the age of 35, eager to learn and share your thoughts and experiences and, last but not least, working for one of the nearly 425 IRO member companies, we welcome you to subscribe yourself via Please mention your name, function, company name, date of birth, e-mail address and (cell) phone number. Registration for Young IRO is free of charge and will keep you up to date on events and activities of IRO and Young IRO.

Board Young IRO

Bernard Alblas (Chairman), IHC Services

Jiska Bazuin (Vice-Chairman), Pronomar  
Jeanine van der Zon (Event Officer), Van Oord  
Laurens van Gelder (Sponsor and Finance Officer), Damen AKF  
Siwart Mackintosh (Communication Officer), Navingo  
Nick van der Steen, Ridderflex & Plastics  
Amanda Mackintosh (Member Officer), Bayards