Energy Reinvented Community event – Wind, solar and hydrogen, but what about people, materials and space?

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Wind, solar and hydrogen, but what about people, materials and space?

8 June 2023
Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam
9.30-18.30 hrs

We are moving towards a decarbonised world in which energy will be primarily sourced from renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro and thermal. Even nuclear has become an option again. Innovation and technology will enable us to shift to this green energy reality. But, there are growing constraints as well.

How can we achieve these ambitious goals, looking at the scarcity of sufficient manpower and materials, limitations in supplier production capacity, timely availability of infrastructure, and challenges in the spatial planning and claims from other users? These challenges will be in the centre of our event in June. We will discuss how we can find solutions and take away barriers to secure the availability of these new energy supplies. What will it take to develop (new) supply value chains from outside Northwest Europe ensuring sufficient energy supply to fulfil the energy demand of our consumers, businesses and industries?

We will touch upon new models of collaboration, businesses and projects and share ideas about supply chain development, such as parallel instead of linear development. More importantly, we will discuss the manpower and reskilling constraints that we need to solve allowing us to shape the future energy system.

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