Book Won from the Waves

The book about 50 years of Dutch offshore!

A unique book about a typical Dutch industry, which operates with a lot of guts and technical ingenuity.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of IRO, maritime historians Joke Korteweg and Frits Loomeijer wrote the anniversary book about 50 years of Dutch Offshore, entitled (Dutch and English):

Wagen en Winnen
De Nederlandse offshore-industrie
Pionier in energietransitie
Won from the Waves
The Dutch Offshore Industry
A Pioneer in the Energy Transition

This is a bound book measuring 17 by 24 cm with approximately 250 pages, richly illustrated, and is available in English or Dutch. The book contains many photos and is written in a pleasant, accessible way.

Book contents

  • The social and economic consequences of the changing energy demand for Dutch society over the past 50 years and the substantial role of the offshore sector
  • The (inter)national trends that have influenced energy demand
  • The energy transition and the role of the government and technical developments and innovations over the years
  • The role of the innovative strength, human capital, expertise and business mentality of the offshore suppliers in achieving the 2050 climate goals
  • The themes discussed are interwoven with half a century of IRO history


“The impressive, highly recognizable reporting reads like an exciting story with a soul of passion. The factual reality is that this reflects pure Dutch entrepreneurship with an international indelible historical footprint that continues timelessly with passion, innovative drive, best endeavours and execution power. The last page I close with pride because of the contribution we have all made for many years to this fantastic unlimited export product that has no equal! Yes, we win!” – Caspar Domstorff, Bluestream

“A first glimpse showed very nice pictures, a nice writing style and surprising headlines (Van gas erop naar gas eraf, To sea or not to be, etc.). Although we played a small role, we feel we are part of the pioneering spirit of the Dutch offshore industry. ” – Bram van Oirschot, Conbit

Not only were written sources consulted for the book, but discussions were also held with IRO members, politicians and other experts. It really tells the story of 50 years of offshore suppliers for the first time.

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