Floating Wind Days, Haugesund

May 29 - 30 | Conferences & Exhibitions

Floating Wind Days  

The Floating Wind Days, taking place from May 29-30, 2024, in Haugesund, Norway, are organized by Norwegian Offshore Wind. Norwegian Offshore Wind is the largest representative body for the offshore wind industry in Norway. They aim to establish world leading supply chains with floating offshore wind. With more than 350 members ranging from small startups to the large developers, they are the biggest industry cluster in Norway.

The Floating Wind Days are the most innovative meeting place for international floating wind, which helps to drive the industry forward.

  • Drive the industry forward: get involved in the major discussions and play your part in sharping this new industry
  • Connect with the international industry: network and do business with the key people in floating wind!
  • Challenge your thinking: what learning should we leave behind and which new ideas should we take with us?
  • Explore new technologies: meet and hear international companies pitching their innovations, aimed at bringing costs down and making floating wind commercially competitive.


For more information, please visit the  Floating Wind Days website .